Iraq .. 10 demonstrators killed in 24 hours


Source: Dubai – Al, Al Arabiya TV

The Commission for Human Rights in Iraq announced, on Tuesday evening, that 10 protesters were killed in the past 24 hours Broad protests Violent clashes in different cities.

Security forces also arrested 88 protesters, while demonstrators cut key roads in Baghdad, Basra, and Nasiriyah, according to UNHCR.

From Baghdad Tuesday
From Baghdad Tuesday

Clashes erupted for the third consecutive day in Baghdad’s Aviation Square and in a number of southern cities, including Basra, Karbala, and Najaf. The protesters, mostly young men, threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the police, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

A complex regional and international situation

In a speech during a session of the caretaker cabinet Tuesday, the resigned prime minister said, Adel Abdul-MahdiHis country is in a complex regional and international situation, pointing out that the country is in an embarrassing situation with “citizens and other countries”.

Abdul-Mahdi also stressed that the security forces do not want to enter into contexts where violence is used.

From Baghdad Tuesday
From Baghdad Tuesday

He stressed, “We do not carry any biased tone against the demonstrators,” saying that the closure of roads and schools is not a peaceful protest and must stop.

To that, he demanded the House of Representatives and political forces to submit new candidates for the presidency of the government.

Iraqi government media reported that President Barham Saleh is expected this week to appoint a new prime minister, to replace Abdul Mahdi.

It is noteworthy that the unrest has paralyzed Iraq since the first of October, as protesters are demanding an end to what they describe as rooted corruption and the departure of the elite who have held the reins of power since 2003. More than 450 people were killed.


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