Inter Milan is close to concluding the strangest deals in the world of football!


Inter Milan is close to concluding the strangest deals in the world of football!


Inter Milan, Italian football club, has announced that it has made an official offer to the English club Tottenham Hotspur to sign Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen during the ongoing winter Mercato.

“Eriksen is an important player, we are waiting for a response after making an official offer,” Piero Osilio, sports director of Inter Milan, told Sky Sport Italia.

He added: “There are many clubs that want to include Eriksen. He is a great player and we are trying to win, we play with all our cards with him.”

Press reports indicated that the Italian team wants to get Eriksen services for only 15 million euros, which is a very low price compared to current deals in the world of football, especially since the Danish is one of the current stars of the witch and is only 27 years old, while Yemeni Tottenham to obtain only 20 million euros, to dispense with the player in January.

Christian Eriksen’s contract with Tottenham expires at the end of the season, as he rejects all Spurs’ renewal attempts, seeking a new experience outside England.

Perhaps the football year will witness one of the strangest deals in the history of this game during the current winter Mercato, if it took place at this price, and then a big question mark will arise, where is the secret of this deal, is that the player’s contract ends soon and does not want to renew, or something else And why has no other team entered the struggle to obtain the services of the Danish star, such as Juventus or others?

Source: Agencies


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