Including its price and release date … leaked Playstation 5 details


If the big leaks published by the 4chan account on Reddit are validated, we’ll get to know all the details of the PlayStation 5 next month, specifically on February 5.
And before delving into the full details of the new Sony games platform according to these leaks, it should be known that they remain rumors and there is no way to verify their validity except through Sony itself when it raises the device, and therefore should not be taken as Muslim.

The publication stated that Sony will hold a special event to unveil the gaming platform in the “Sony Hall” hall in New York City, during which the platform design, the design of its control arms and the interface in it, and all the hardware specifications and special features that will come with it will be revealed.

According to the account published, the Playstation 5 will allow users to access the games either through a subscription fee or owning the game, and the company will provide a free three-month subscription to its Play Now service with every Playstation 5 device in certain areas for a limited period, within the framework of promoting the service For new platform owners.

The platform will also support the “Remote Play” feature, allowing users to play PlayStation 5 games on their smartphones, laptops or personal computers, wherever there is a high-speed Internet connection.

Besides, the new platform will retroactively support all games from all older PlayStation platforms, from PlayStation 4 and down to PlayStation 1, as well as PlayStation Portable.

It will also be compatible with all PlayStation 4 accessories including the DualShock joystick, PSVR virtual reality glasses, and more.

According to the leaks, the new platform will be compatible with all Playstation 4 accessories, including virtual reality glasses and two joysticks (Reuters)

According to the leak, the platform also features a game time to download from little to no, and a very high download speed for games, and immersive joysticks, and will support the presence of a CD player, and will allow games to download or broadcast.

According to the 4chan publication, PlayStation 5 will be launched in October 2020 around the world at a price of $ 500, and only one prototype will be released from the platform, according to the leak.

He adds that the specifications of the new Sony gaming platform will be on par with the Xbox X series (which will be one hundred dollars more expensive), and stronger than the Xbox Lockhart platform (a platform that costs less than a hundred dollars and has a computing power of 4 teraflop / second compared to the power of 10 teraflop computing / Second for the Playstation 5 platform).

Pre-orders will be available for the Sony platform on the day of its launch, but in select regions.


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