Including an Arab country .. known to the map of the spread of the Corona virus outside China


China intensified its efforts to contain the new corona virus, isolating more than forty million people on Friday, while the official death toll from the virus that appeared last December in a market in Wuhan city rose, as 41 people in China were confirmed dead from about 1,300 people infected with the virus in the country.

The following is a map of the spread of the disease outside China, according to the latest official data:

Thailand: The first infection was recorded outside China in Thailand on January 8, for a woman returning from Wuhan, and then three other cases were recorded, raising the injuries to four.

France: The French Ministry of Health has uncovered two “confirmed” cases of the emergence of the new Corona virus, the first two cases in Europe.

South Korea: The first injury in South Korea was a 35-year-old Chinese, who arrived in Seoul on January 19 aboard a plane from Wuhan, and a 50-year-old woman working in the city was also recorded.

United State: A 30-year-old man who visited Wuhan and returned on January 15 was admitted to a hospital near Seattle, the authorities announced.

Another case was registered yesterday with a 60-year-old resident of Chicago who arrived from Wuhan on January 13, and local health authorities say she is “in good clinical condition.”

Japan: The first case in Japan was recorded for thirty who were hospitalized on January 10, and another case was recorded for forty people living in Wuhan, who arrived in Japan on the 19th of this month.

Nepal: The first case was announced on January 24 in Nepal, by a university student.

Singapore: On the 23rd of this month, Singapore announced the first injury. It is a 66-year-old man, three days after he arrived from Wuhan suffering from heat and coughing. The son of his 37-year-old son was also injured, as was the case of a 50-year-old woman.

Taiwan: The first case recorded in Taiwan was a 50-year-old woman who arrived from her residence in Wuhan.

Vietnam: Two Chinese – a man and his son – were hospitalized on January 17 and 18.

Hong Kong: Zara Wuhan has been confirmed to be infected, and they are now receiving treatment.

Macau: On January 22, the Macao authorities announced the injury of a 52-year-old businesswoman, who arrived three days ago by train from Zhuhai, China.

Australia: Australia confirmed today, Saturday, the first infection on its territory with the Corona virus.

Saudi: The Minister of State for External Affairs of India said that a nurse working in a Saudi hospital has become the first Indian to be infected with the new Corona virus.

Malaysia: Malaysia announced on Saturday the first three confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, and the Minister of Health said that the three infected people are Chinese and have a close relationship with the man whom Singapore’s health authorities confirmed had been positive.


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