In the video .. Egyptian actress “Aida Riad” talks for the first time about being accused of prostitution .. and reveals her husband’s reaction!


The Egyptian artist Aida Riad revealed, for the first time, the scenes of her accusation of prostitution in the eighties.
Aida said in TV statements: “The crisis dates back more than 30 years, and it has caused great harm to me and all of my family, even if my brothers were affected by their jobs in this incident.”
She added: “At that time, I was married to the late artist Muharram Fouad, and he was very surprised by this accusation, because they took me from the house to fire as they say.”
And she continued: “(Medicine, leave it unchanged, I mean!), If I were caught somewhere then, they would be entitled to accuse me and try me legally, but all this commotion was on an empty basis and without real support.” She asked, “Is it possible that I practice immoral acts while I am with my husband! (I did not work before the passport, and I am not married !!?)
She added: “This incident occurred two years after my marriage, and Muharram Fouad stood beside me in this ordeal, and that incident was not a reason for our separation or even the reason for his extreme jealousy of me.”
And she added, “I was offered a lot of work after this period, and I agreed to many of them already. I told myself that I should take advantage of them and achieve fame behind them as they want to use me.”
The actress Aida Riad was charged in a case of literature called “The Compars” in 1982, when she was arrested with 6 “Compars” artists.
The court sentenced Aida Riyad to one year in prison on charges of practicing vice in one of the dens in Heliopolis district, and it was deposited in Al-Qanater prison for a period of 3 months, before being granted a patent from an appellate court.

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