In the video .. Dodd comes out of a sick breathing tube in a hospital in Jeddah .. and health responds


A video clip documented the moment Dodd exited a ventilator tube for a patient in a Jeddah hospital.

For its part, the Health Affairs Directorate in Jeddah has opened an investigation into the patient’s complaint about their monitoring of the exit of a worm from the patient’s breathing tube at the Thaghar General Hospital.

The patient’s family, who suffers from a heart attack, said that the hospital’s medical team justified the exit of the worms from the ventilator tube that the patient had died of a brain.

Jeddah’s health responded by saying that the patient suffers from a breakdown in brain and heart functions, explaining that the medical team monitored the exit of the worms and a sample was sent to the laboratory to find out the medical reasons for its appearance.


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