In the video..After Al Hilal’s complaint, the Chairman of the Referees ’Committee reveals the“ secret ”of the mouse’s mistakes


In the video .. After Al Hilal’s complaint .. The Chairman of the Referees Committee reveals the “secret” of the mouse’s mistakes
Sport Observatory: Fernando Trisaco, Chairman of the Referees Committee of the Saudi Football Association, revealed the cause of the errors in the referees of the video technology “Var”, during the matches.
The Hilal Administration announced that a comprehensive file had been prepared for the arbitration errors and the controversial “mouse” video technology footage against the team, to be presented to the Saudi Football Association.
Tricaco explained in statements to the “League with Walid” program, that the number of cameras and angles of photography may be one of the most important factors that lead to errors in which the referees’ rulers fall during the matches, where they cannot see the controversial footage clearly.
The Chairman of the Referees Committee pointed out that the lack of time as well, and the need to make decisions quickly, are sometimes effective in making mistakes.
Tresaco wrote a letter to all the professional league clubs that the referees who are in the rooms of the mouse are “human beings”, and therefore they are exposed to right and wrong, and the meaning of this technique does not mean that all decisions will be correct.
And Trisaco stressed, according to “Saudi Com”, that only seven countries are available to the Saudi Football Association to attract referees from “the mouse” from them, especially since this technology has not spread widely in the world.


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