In pictures, Prince Harry and Meghan arrive in Canada to start a new life


In a surprising scene for all of his followers, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, arrived at Canada early Tuesday, through Vancouver Airport, wearing a winter civilian dress away from royal appearances, to meet his wife, Megan Markle, after he decided to give up his duties in the royal family, where he was still Duke of Sussex in Britain for his participation in the crisis meeting called by Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, before she announced her approval of the decision of her grandson and wife Megan, to abandon their royal duties.

Special photos spread on social media, and carried by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Prince Harry at Vancouver Airport in Canada, in winter civilian clothes, arrived at the Canadian airport on a British Airways civilian plane on Flight 85 from Heathrow in London.

According to the site of the seventh day, Prince Harry appeared uncharacteristically, wearing a winter coat, headgear and jeans, carrying his bag on his back, away from the royal scene he used to be, as this was the beginning of the features of his new civil life, away from the assignments and commitment to the royal protocols. Sussex, who was stripped of all his royal surnames except – the Duke of Sussex – as he was leaving Boeing 747 on the stairs, where he was escorted by two security guards.

At the end of a nearly 10-hour Boeing 747 trip, Prince Harry was transported on a black minibus to continue his journey with a short 25-minute flight to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and Harry flew to Vancouver Island via WestJet, the same carrier that Megan was said to be He boarded it and landed at Victoria Airport around 9:45 pm local time, while airport officials closed the public viewing area on the third floor shortly before landing.

“The Daily Mail” says, “Then, the Duke was moved to the last two miles of the Silver Silver SUV to Mill Fleurs, the $ 14 million ocean house, where emotional reunification of the British Prince with Megan’s wife will take place. And his eight-month-old son Archie, where Prince Harry will meet his wife Meghan who preceded him to Canada weeks ago, in order to start their new life in Canada, after withdrawing from the royal family in Britain.

Starting now, Prince Harry will not use the title of His Royal Highness, after the Queen officially stripped him of this title, while he will be known simply as the Duke of Sussex, and Harry’s last work as a member of the royal family was attending the British-African Investment Summit in Greenwich, London, after Monday noon UK time, when he held private bilateral meetings with Moroccan Prime Minister Saad Eddine Al Othmani, Malawi President Peter Mutharika, and Philippe Newsy, President of Mozambique, at the request of the government, and also held a 20-minute meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but he did not Walk around in London to go to a party Receiving Buckingham Palace hosted by Prince William.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced, earlier, that they would give up their duties as prominent members of the Royal Family of Britain and work for financial independence, and said in a statement, we share it on their Instagram page “After several months of internal thinking and discussions, we chose to make a transformation this year, And start forming a new role within this institution. ”

And a few days ago, Queen Elizabeth granted her consent to Harry and Meghan, to give them that green light to leave their roles in the royal family, and financial independence, and the Queen clarified that there will be a transitional period during which the couple spends some time in Britain and Canada, noting that there is still more work What must be done, to finalize the future arrangements for the couple, and it is noteworthy that Harry is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, and the sixth in the ranking on the British throne.



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