In names … journalists and dissidents have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Turkey


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

An Egyptian human rights organization has revealed details of repressive violations and practices against thousands of journalists, activists, politicians and opponents who were arrested in recent years in Turkey, particularly after the failed coup in 2016.

To that, the director of the Egyptian Maat Organization for Human Rights, Ayman Aqeel, told that the Foundation monitored and reported through foreign and foreign reports, human rights and humanitarian organizations in Turkey and abroad, as well as statistics prepared by the Turkish Ministry of Justice and Interior details of these violations, including the detention of about 150 thousand The Turkish police have a state of emergency, and detained about 78,000 others under anti-terrorism laws, 24,000 of whom are still in custody, and 45,000 have been convicted of prison terms, including 31,000 imprisoned for belonging to the Fatah Allah Gülen movement.

According to the statistics provided by the Turkish Ministry of Interior and Justice, the Egyptian Foundation report stated that in Silivri prison in Istanbul, the Turkish authorities prevented members suspected of belonging to the Gülen movement for 565 days, from making contacts in various forms, including mail messages, and Turkish official statistics indicated that There are tens of thousands of prisoners in excess of the prison capacity, which leads to a shrinking of the space allocated to each prisoner, in violation of the rights of prisoners guaranteed by law.

A journalist in a solitary cell

Regarding cases of arbitrary detention inside Turkey, the Egyptian Foundation revealed that, since August 11, 2016, until now, the journalist Aisha Nour Bareldak is still imprisoned in a solitary cell in the women’s prison in the city of Sinjan, allegedly for promoting a terrorist organization because she was a reporter for Zaman newspaper, relying on this for his Twitter On Twitter, without charges being brought against the judiciary and without any trial or investigation, and stages of detention.

On March 28, 2018, the Turkish authorities launched an intensified arrest campaign and arrested 70 women on the grounds that they were providing assistance to individuals belonging to the Gülen organization, while a number of women confirmed that they were providing financial assistance to the families of a number of arbitrarily arrested individuals.

Aisha Norbareldak
Aisha Norbareldak
55 thousand detainees

The Foundation stated that a large number of journalists were among more than 55,000 people arrested since the alleged coup attempt, which made Turkey ranks 155th out of 180 in the Freedom of the Press ranking, according to Reporters Without Borders, adding that among these journalists is Yekin Yildiz, Former editor of the news website, Activ Haber Tom, who was arbitrarily arrested on July 22, 2016.

The foundation added that Pinar Ghayeb, the Atkin news agency correspondent, was arrested arbitrarily, at approximately 2 am on April 13, 2018. Also, journalist Ahmed Al-Tan was arbitrarily arrested on September 10, 2016, and after international pressure from several sides he was released on November 4, 2019 Until he was arrested on the 12th of last November, indicating that Ibrahim Karaygin, the former editor of the Turkish newspaper Zaman was arrested on 16 July 2016.
The foundation added that the Turkish authorities arbitrarily arrested Salah al-Din Demirtaş, leader of the HDP, on November 4, 2016, and detained journalist and human rights defender Nurkan Besal at five o’clock in the morning on October 19, 2019 in the southeastern Diyarbakir province.

Ahmed Al Tan
Ahmed Al Tan
Nurkan Bisal
Nurkan Bisal

It revealed that Abd al-Qadir Toray and Abdullah Kaya of the Dekal News Agency, Abdullah Clegg, a journalist for Al-Maidan newspaper, Abdullah Osyurt, Ahmed Turan Alkan, Alatin Juner, and Aladdin Kaya from Zaman newspaper and Zahra Dogan were arrested.

The Foundation added that there are opposition Turkish citizens who have mysteriously disappeared and no one knows their fate so far, including Mustafa Yilmaz, who disappeared on February 19, 2019 while he was on his way to work.

Salim Zibek, an employee of the Turkish Communications Authority, who was kidnapped by Turkish intelligence agents on February 21, 2019, was also arrested.

And Yassin Ocan, who was kidnapped in the city of Ankara on February 13, 2019 by a group of Turkish police wearing civilian clothes.

In this context, the European Commission for Human Rights and the European Council for Human Rights have asked the Turkish government for information about enforced disappearance.

Let Yildiz
Let Yildiz
Salah al-Din Demirtaş
Salah al-Din Demirtaş

The Egyptian Human Rights Foundation explained that Germany has confirmed and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that cases of arbitrary detention towards its citizens are increasing, and that just a “mark of admiration” for some opponents of the Turkish state on communication sites becomes a basis for prosecution, and the suspect faces a long prison sentence, on charges of insulting the Turkish President.

Minority persecution

The Egyptian Foundation says that the churches were not immune to Erdogan’s harm, the most prominent of which was the storming and sabotage of a number of people to the Church of the Virgin Mary in Trabzon, on the Black Sea coast in the northeast of the country.

Eighteen foreign church leaders also left Turkey in 2019 due to persecution by Protestant authorities, while more than 50 Protestant families have been forced to leave the country in recent years.

It stated that the Turkish authorities had committed violations against the Assyrians. In March 2017, the police stormed the home of Johann Aktas, an Assyrian leader in the Turkish city of Midyat, was arrested and accused of being a member of the PKK.

On January 1, 2018, Turkish police arrested “Boutros Karatay” from the Assyrian minority on charges of terrorism.


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