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Me and the stars by the great poet Mamoun El Shennawy, a song that he did not complete, beginning with this passage (I love you in love for yourself), how many times have you listened to that answer that artists usually convey as the correct words for difficult questions ?, Question: How do you see your site among the stars and what is your location specifically?

The answer comes, may God grant success to everyone, I unfortunately have not seen other works due to my preoccupation with photography, believe me, I only compete with myself, and I do not pursue anyone but myself, the critics also use the phrase that has become closer to his cliché (so and so in this role surpassed himself) Does the artist enter a race with himself, once defeating himself, and times defeating himself? !!

There is a legitimate competition that leads to pumping loads of creativity, and another is fatal because it harms the pathological jealousy that reaches the fringes of hatred, as it is a negative energy that affects those who unleashed it.

On the other hand, I have many facts about positive jealousy, and how it contributed to the increase in flashes of creativity, for example, in the year 64, Umm Kulthum sang, and for the first time with the composing of Mohamed Abdel Wahab (You are my age), after which she replied the poem of Abi Firas Al-Hamdani, composed by Riyad Al-Sunbati (see you disobeyed Tears), the audience watched a piano that shared the traditional oriental Umm Kulthum troupe in playing (I see you sticks of tears), but the huge mass success was attributed to (You are my age), although the poem is one of the finest tune of Al-Sunbati, did Al-Sunbati accuse Umm Kulthum of bias or propaganda You (my age) at the expense of (see you can stick tears)? Never, he just decided to present the most wonderful thing, and his choice came in the year 66 of the poem of Ibrahim Naji (Al-Atlal), the entire Arab people repeated their words and broke the world in the language of numbers, and excelled over (You are my age), to the point that Al-Sunbati insisted that Umm Kulthum go out together to Public opinion, to announce the retirement of art, considering that this is the end of the lyrical peak.

Musician Kamal Al-Tawil told me that after Abdel Halim’s voice was adopted with the poem of Salah Abdel-Sabour (after two years we met here) the melody did not succeed in the masses, the great singer Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib mocked Halim saying (This is what they said will keep us in our homes!), After a few months Nightingale achieved an overwhelming success with the melody of musician Mohamed El Mougy (Safini once), and Al-Tawil decided to present a more popular melody, so (Ali Qad Al-Shouq), which prompted even the production companies to present Abdel Halim the first movie (Tune of Al-Wafa), which initially carried the excessive success of the song name (Ali May longing) !!.

When, for example, the popular singer Mohamed Rushdie succeeds, this becomes a positive motive for Abdel Halim Hafez to change the index and sing my people (on the party of Widad Chalabi), (Aloy Aloy) and (I am everything I say repentance).

Director Salah Abu Seif has always recognized that the first window director is Hassan al-Imam, and that he seeks to achieve success in the window parallel to Hassan al-Imam, who held the title (director of masterpieces).

No one competes with himself, the stadium has dozens of talented people, and the participant is the one who monitors the success of others, competes with them and excels them, but he does not compete with himself in the love of himself, except only when he loves and recovers the beginning of the unfinished song of Mamoun El-Shennawy (I love you to love yourself)!


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