I know Tamer Hosni’s response to the success of his film “Al-Flus” and its achievement of 35 million pounds


Take care The star Tamer HosniTo comment on the success of his film “The Money” and his achievement of revenues that reached 35 million pounds inside Egypt, and approximately 230 million pounds in the Arab countries receiving his movie, which achieved a total of 265 million pounds in box office conflict, which makes it a great success.

The star wrote through his Instagram account, “Praise be to God, it is very hilarious to lead the film” The Shape “in Egypt and the Arab world and distribute it internationally these days. 2 And Pomegranate for the world The Rock, thank God, the film “Filos” has crossed all the films de in Egypt and the Arab world and achieved a new number in my artistic life. “

Hosni added, “Although it is a new type of supreme and it may be unexpected from me and it was a great risk for me to work as a type of Z and I know that in people it was expected that I would offer the same that I presented before this, but I certainly do not repeat myself, and always try to develop myself and change is very required because Repetition is a short life, and I must try to address all tastes and present various shapes throughout the course of my journey in the cinema. Very hilarious that the film, Filos, is distributed globally through a company. ceema entertainment The one who brings my films to the world very thanks to them and the fact that the revenue of my film internationally, which is an Arab film that is communicated to this number and distributed to the world among foreign films and achieves revenues of this size, frankly is something greater than my dreams, but I strive hard, and may God be honored for the diligence, praise be to God. ”

The film, “Filos”, was launched in the Egyptian and Arab theaters on December 25th, and it achieves good successes at the level of the box office, and the work is the story of Tamer Hosni, and the scenario and dialogue of Mohamed Abdel-Muati, directed by Saeed Al-Marouk. He participates in his championship alongside Tamer Hosni and Zeina each of Khaled Al-Sawy, Muhammad Salam, Aisha bin Ahmed, in addition to a number of stars as guests of honor, such as Ahmed Al-Saqqa and Mai Izz Al-Din.

“Filos” revolves around Saif, a professional swindler, who is used by the beautiful and wealthy girl Hala-Zeina to help her recover money from another swindler, to begin an endless series of tricks and games in which the concepts of love, friendship and life are mixed.


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