I am not afraid of evil roles and I refused a facelift


Source: Arabic.Net – Mohamed Ahmed

Among the difficult roles, challenges and many artistic activities, the Tunisian artist Darine Haddad sparkled .. In her interview with “Al Arabiya.net”, Daren talked about her new program project and her most important artistic stations and her experience in the movie “Ali Baba” and “The Blue Elephant”, and also revealed the characteristics of a boy Her dreams and the reality of having plastic surgery.

* What is the story of your initiation of a new TV program?

** The information is really correct and I agreed to the idea of ​​a new artistic program, but due to the contract and its condition I will not be able to disclose any details, but in general the program is a new idea and I am very happy with the idea of ​​TV presentation and I hope that people in this region love me.

* Is your enthusiasm to go through the anchor experience in a real program because you successfully performed the role in the series between two worlds?

** Of course, my role in the series “Between Two Worlds” is one of the most important roles in my life, which is the role of the broadcaster Jumana, who I trained a lot so that I can play it, and in fact, the dramatic embodiment helped me very much for the role of the broadcaster, but with the difference, Jumana was very evil, and presented a malicious political program, but My art and beauty is different in everything from Jumana and the corrupt media she does.

Darren Haddad
Darren Haddad

* You said that the series “Between Two Worlds” is one of the most important roles in your life, so why?

** Real, this role has a very special impact in my artistic career and career, when I was nominated for the role I asked “Why me?” They told me that you are the 100% suitable candidate for this role, and for this reason I felt very proud and worked very hard because the work includes very big stars and whales acting, as they say, headed by the artist Tariq Lutfi and the great star Hisham Selim and the artist, Meet Khamisi.

And the role was very evil and this scared me, but I challenged myself until I got to convince the viewer that I am an announcer and evil, and these two roles are not one role, and I prepared for the role by following the “Tok Show” programs to learn the origins of the broadcaster’s profession in terms of performance, clothes and speech.

* Who are the most stars who helped you master some roles?

** Because the series “Between Two Worlds” is the most difficult role, which helped me great artist Hicham Selim, who is an artist more than wonderful, and most scenes in the work brought me together, and in many scenes he helped me and gave me instructions and supported me, so the work came out very harmonious, because he was trying to The atmosphere is real and humane, so it appeared on the screen.

Likewise, the talented and brilliant artist Tariq Lutfi was helping everyone, as he respected and appreciated us and abided by his appointments to the point that some people learned the principles of commitment.

Darren Haddad
Darren Haddad

* What is the fact that you get Arabic courses and courses?

** I am good in Arabic, but sometimes French is overwhelming, so I decided to improve my language further, so I got courses in the Arabic language and my level improved significantly, and this represented a big difference in my performance and the verbal exits with the testimony of the directors.

* A while ago, your dramas decreased, and you are said to refuse to participate in your wills. What is the story?

** From my start I did not care about spreading as much as the impact, and with time the idea became more entrenched in me and some criteria differed in my choice of role, such as being a new character and I did not present it before, because I completely reject repetition, and I also care that the work presents a significant problem that concerns society and people . I also refuse to be chosen on the basis of form or beauty.

* I presented the role of the sinister more than once, most notably in the series “The Legend” and “Between Two Worlds” and the movie “The Freezers Campaign” … Doesn’t the focus worry you about this type?

** The role of evil does not concern me as long as there is diversity and difference in the role, and this is the basic condition .. Generally the roles of evil are not frightening but rather a challenge to the artist, because all roles must be presented whether they are good or evil, and I like to mention the refusal to specialize in any category whether Good, evil, action, or romantic.

Darren Haddad
Darren Haddad

* What role do you dream of playing?

** I hope to present the role of the popular or living woman in the neighborhood, and appear in beautiful folk clothes, and so far I have not presented any role like that. All my roles belong to the high-class and aristocratic class, and I hope to enter this challenge because I know that I have enough talent to provide all kinds of roles.

* Tell us about your experience in “Ali Baba”, a satirical comedy?

** I love this experience very much, especially since the role was very new to me, and I was motivated by the idea that the work is comic and starring great stars, they are Karim Fahmy, Eitan Amer, Sabri Fawaz, Muhammad Tharwat and Ahmed Fathi, as the film is written lightly and I was confident of its success.

* How did your participation in the movie “Blue Elephant” benefit you from Maya?

** The character “Maya” in the movie “The Elephant of the Blue” I consider it the closest to my heart, and the film has very big stars headed by the star Karim Abdel Aziz and the great director Marwan Hamid, and the most important benefit to me from this film is that this character contributed to the knowledge of the Egyptian and Arab audience to me, and this On the public level, and on the personal technical level, it benefited me very professionally, because it is complex, complex and full of contradictions.

* So far you are not married, what are your conditions for choosing your partner?

** I am an actress and I love my work very much to the point of adoration, and I will not retire from acting for that. The idea of ​​marriage and life partner must fully understand this issue .. Therefore, I wish to marry a man who understands the nature of my work as an artist and supports me and loves what I offer, and most importantly, he is a good man, affectionate, magnanimous and generous.

* Some have accused you of having plastic surgery on your nose, is this true?

** It is a tendentious rumor that has no basis in health, because I did not resort to any of the plastic surgery procedures, despite its wide spread, but I generally prefer nature and distance from any surgeries despite some advice to me to do an operation under the eyebrow, but I refused.


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