Hussam Ashour requests a return to the formation of Al-Ahly


Hossam Ashour, Commander, crisis caught Al-Ahly, During the past days, due to the player’s refusal to sit on the bench in the last meeting of Tanta in the league, things quickly aggravated within the Red Genie’s dressing room, due to the crisis of Hossam Ashour, which coincided with the crisis of more than another player in the team, specifically the crises of Saleh Jumaa and Walid Azaru, although the Ashour crisis did not It surfaces because of the secrecy the club officials imposed on it.

The crisis started according to the assurances of an official source in Al-Ahly for “the seventh day” when Ashour knew that he would be outside the basic formation of the team in the Tanta match that was held last Wednesday in the league, and Al-Ahly won by five clean, and the leader of Al-Ahly expressed his anger at sitting on the bench, because he knew that Feiler will push Mahmoud Metwalli in the midfield next to Amr Al-Sulaya because Malian Dieng was absent from this meeting to be suspended.

Ashour complained and said that it is not logical to sit on the bench and not participate essentially despite all these absences, and that it is not logical to sit on the bench and the use of “Mahmoud Metwally” defender to participate in his place, and the crisis exploded after the meeting with Tanta, where the team leader continued to be angered to be excluded again From the Arab Contractors match last Sunday in the league against the background of this crisis, the Al-Ahly leader demanded a return to Al-Ahly formation during the coming period, especially as the team suffers from wholesale absences at the level of the red midfield.


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