Huawei plans to launch a smartphone that supports 5G networks for only $ 150 by the end of this year


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Huawei Nova 5T

According to new reports surfaced today on the Internet, it appears that Huawei plans to launch a 5G-compatible smartphone for the equivalent of only $ 150 by the end of this year, or by early next year.

Currently, the cheapest 5G phone on the market currently costs $ 290, but most of the 5G phones available on the market today cost about $ 430 or more, so the upcoming Huawei phone that will cost about $ 150 will enable a lot of people to experience networks Fifth generation 5G.

The newest MediaTek Dimension 1000L processor from MediaTek and the newest Snapdragon 765G processor from Qualcomm must support 5G technology on a number of medium phones. Until now, 5G technology was exclusively available for high-end smartphones.

Huawei and Samsung will be behind most of the 5G phones to be sold in 2020, and Apple will join them later. In the year 2019, Samsung was said to have shipped 6.7 5G phones, while Huawei shipped 6.9 5G phones.


Fatima Ait Talib

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