Huawei plans to launch a 5G phone at a price not to exceed $ 150 at the end of 2020


My Drivers Chinese website reported that Huawei is working to launch a phone that supports 5G networks at a price not exceeding 1028 Chinese yuan ($ 150) by the end of this year, or early next year.

And the price of the cheapest current phone that supports 5G networks is not less than 2,000 yuan ($ 290), but the average price for 5G phones is around 3,000 yuan (about $ 430), so launching a phone at $ 150 will encourage more users to experience the new generation From communication networks.

MediaTek and Qualcomm have recently announced the (MediaTek 1000L) and (Snapdragon 765G), which come with a built-in modem that supports the fifth generation networks and are intended for mid-range phones.

It is noteworthy that the year 2020 will witness competition between many companies, including Huawei and Samsung, on launching low-price phones, but it supports the fifth generation networks, in order to increase sales. And Samsung had already sold in 2019 about 6.7 million phones that support 5G networks, while Huawei has surpassed it, as it is said to have sold 6.9 million phones.


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