Huawei begins pushing EMUI 10 update for Honor 10 phone users


Dubai – Powered by Muhammad Faris © Unlimit Tech Filed by This topic Huawei starts pushing the EMUI 10 update for Honor 10 users appeared on the technology without borders.

Honor 10 users receive the new update from the EMUI 10 interface that is based on the Android 10 operating system, as the company recently started pushing the update for users with new features.

The new update from EMUI 10 supports both models and in the Honor 10 phone, where you can upgrade to the new version via the service application, and some users of the Honor V10 and Huawei Nova 4 phones have indicated that they will also start receiving the update.

The EMUI 10 update comes with Android 10 system for dark theme users, with AOD, and the update also comes with a new lock screen upgrade on Honor 10 phones, the update also includes a new camera experience with a more streamlined movement in the interface.

Huawei also indicated that the EMUI 10 update provides seamless communication between Windows and Android systems, which supports users more efficiently in computers and phones, and the keyboard and mouse can support seamless connection to the phone as external accessories, EMUI 10 interface also comes with three new technologies that provide Highest quality software interface.

It is reported that the Honor 10 features a 5.84-inch screen size, and also includes the Kirin 970 processor chip, and it features a dual rear camera with a 24-megapixel main sensor and another 16-megapixel resolution.


This topic Huawei starts pushing the EMUI 10 update for Honor 10 users appeared on the technology without borders.

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