Huawei begins a journey to search for alternatives to Android system


Leading Chinese company Huawei has moved aggressively to find alternatives to major applications in the Android operating system, to compensate its future customers.

And “Huawei” indicated that it started contracting with companies competing with “Google” in order to provide similar applications that can compensate its customers for the absence of “Android” applications.

The report pointed out that Huawei entered into a contract with the company “Tom Tom” for maps and services, to provide a maps application that can compensate “Google” for the “Google Maps” application, which is absent from modern “Huawei” phones due to the US sanctions.

A spokesman for the company, “Tom Tom”, Remco Mercer, said that “Huawei” has entered into an agreement with the company, to provide its application for maps on all new Huawei phones.

TomTom will also provide cloud storage, as an alternative to the Google Drive app.

And Google decided to deprive the new Huawei phones from all of its main applications pre-set on the phone, and none of them will be on the phone, and the user will have to download them again.

And Google “explained” this decision that one of the consequences of the decision to withdraw the license “Android” from “Huawei” phones, within the US sanctions imposed on the company “Huawei”, which deprives users of “Huawei” phones from taking advantage of other “Google” digital services, such as ” Google Maps “Maps” and “Gmail” for e-mail, which reduces the popularity of these phones.

With these sanctions, Huawei loses access to updates to the Android operating system, and in addition, it will lose access to new models from smartphones outside China and access to Android software and services, including the Google Play Store app store and an app Email “Gmail”.

Washington has urged its allies not to use “Huawei” technology to build the fifth generation of telecommunications networks because of fears that they are [هذه الشركة] A tool used by China to spy.

In another context, the Chinese company “Huawei” filed a lawsuit in America against the government, as it demanded that it be unconstitutional to include it in the American blacklist, and prevent it from purchasing components and technology from American producers.

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