Huawei abandons Google Maps and heads to TomTom


It seems that the Chinese company has made an important way in ensuring independence from Google, especially after the embargo imposed by the American administration, which prevents it from using any products or software for American companies, including the Android operating system and all related software.

And Huawei had already announced that it had developed its own operating system, and if it admitted that it still had a long time before relying on it completely as an alternative to Android, it also started to rely on local suppliers in the manufacture of smart phones and the rest of its devices instead of American suppliers, and today Clean a new step for the Huawei Steps series.

According to Reuters news agency, the Chinese company Huawei has signed a contract with the Dutch company TomTom, according to which the company’s maps service can be used on Huawei phones and devices, which means that TomTom will be the alternative to the Google Maps service used on all Android phones.

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