How to protect yourself from corona virus while traveling and is there a cure for the disease?


The new Corona virus, which has spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan, has sparked great controversy and fears it has spread around the world, killing more victims without realizing how to deal with it.

Health experts have revealed that travelers should try to avoid contact with people who have symptoms similar to the symptoms of pneumonia, or common colds, such as a cough or a runny nose.

Speaking with Business Insider, Eric Toner, a scientist at Johns Hopkins University, said: “What we do not know is how far the disease can be transmitted by people with mild symptoms. This is one of the things we are trying to discover now.”

Many people in China have lined up to buy face masks, but Toner does not think this is enough to protect anyone’s health.

“It has never been proven that wearing masks is an effective way to protect against infectious diseases,” he said.

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The deadly Corona virus arrives in America with the confirmation of the first infection!

The CDC says that travelers should wash their hands frequently with soap and water, and ensure that the cleaning process continues for at least 20 seconds. There are no vaccines to protect humans (currently) from infection with the Coronavirus.

Although scientists have tracked the “Wuhan virus” to the local seafood market, with live animals, they are not yet sure which animal transmitted the virus to humans.

Recent research indicates that SARS (SARS) virus in China can spread to humans from a horseshoe.

Toner said: “Since the emergence of SARS, there have been calls for improving or closing live animal markets in China. There are many terrible things that we do not yet know, but it is fair to say that live animal markets pose a threat not only to people working there, but to public health.” “.

Toner explained that individuals infected with the new virus, who visited China recently, must inform the doctor about their travel history. He added that restricting travel in areas that already have cases of the virus, is not likely to be a solution.

“I think the Chinese government is doing the right things,” he said. “They are examining patients or incoming travelers, and trying to educate them to make sure they get care. They are trying to isolate them as soon as the disease begins. These are measures that prevent transmission.”

Is there a cure for Corona virus?

Corona virus is known to be effective in masking the human immune system, and scientists have not developed any reliable vaccine treatments that can eliminate it. In most cases, health officials try to deal with symptoms as they arise.

However, this does not mean that vaccines are impossible. Chinese scientists have been able to chain the genetic code of the virus with amazing speed, giving them an opportunity to study it and find ways to fight the new disease.

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Researchers at the US National Institute of Health are working to develop an effective vaccine, although it is observed that it will be released after a year or more.

Experts said that SARS, which infected nearly 8,000 people and killed nearly 800 patients, seemed to be gradually disappearing not because of the vaccine, but rather through effective communication between nations, and a set of tools that helped track the disease and its spread.

How to reduce the risk of infection with the Corona virus?

With the confirmed cases now seen in the United States, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and potential Australia, as well as China, there is a possibility that the new coronavirus has spread much further.

The World Health Organization recommends a set of measures to protect yourself from infection, based on good hand hygiene and respiratory protection, in the same way that you reduce the risk of influenza.

Source: Business Insider + cnet


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