How long did it take to reach the remains of an asteroid after it exploded over it? Saudi News


A fireball from the remnants of one of the asteroids destroyed the sky yesterday (Tuesday) to descend over the earth in the form of a bonfire, according to many eyewitnesses, as scientists estimate that she traveled nearly half a billion km before resting in her water grave in the depths of Lake Huron in North America , After traveling from a place behind Mars.

The meteorite informed Peter Brown that the path of the space rock flight reveals that it came from the asteroid belt behind Mars before it collided with our planet, according to the website (Russia Today).

Peter West Brown, astronomer at the University of Western Ontario, shared Twitter clips, spotting the space visitor who lit up the night sky.

Meteor debris burns to even the small fragments of it as it enters Earth’s atmosphere, and Brown expects that the fiery ball detected on Tuesday night was created by a large group of space debris, which is estimated to be the size of a softball.

The American Meteorological Society has recorded at least 20 asteroid views from various locations on the east coast of North America.

There were no reports of any human or property being damaged as a result of the asteroid wreck.


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