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How do you do the Dark Mode on your phone … today, Thursday, January 23, 2020 07:04 AM

The management of the most popular instant messaging app in the world officially provided whatsapp just a feature of the DARK MODE, which will be in the beginning For users of Android phones and then for the rest of the smart phones around the world, including of course operating system iOS.

In order to do the new feature, go to the settings, then the option of Chats, and after that click on you will find the Theme option, and here the application allows you to activate the night mode version, or keep the traditional version.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, the start was on the beta version of Android phones through version through the official Google Store, One of the most striking features of the DARK MODE mode is to see and read messages in low light easily.

The messages or alerts that will appear on the application will be in text in yellow interspersed with dark gray bubbles, and they have appeared on some phones but will be circulated within days.

The Dark Mode feature reduces the suffering of the eye with lighting during the night, and this feature saves battery life on special phones made with AMOLED screens.


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