Home sport Mushir Hanafi in response to Reda Sika: Ahmed Bilal’s championships are more than Zamalek (video)


3:04 PM | Wednesday 22 January 2020

Mushir Hanafi in response to Reda Sika: Ahmed Bilal's championships are more than Zamalek (video)

Mushir Hanafi, the former Al Ahly player

Mosheer Hanafi launched a player Al-Ahly The former, a fierce attack against the Reda Sika player, the former Ismaili and Zamalek player, after the latter’s statements in which he attacked the Red Club.

Mushir said during a video broadcast on his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Reza Sika is in a coma. He must review his accounts and invalidate speech on Al-Ahly player, the symbols of Al-Ahly are a red line, and history does not forget, andAhmed Bilal His name is Ahmad Ajwal .. How do you attack him? ”


The former Al-Ahly player continued his statements, saying: ” Ahmed Bilal He won more tournaments than Zamalek, which you were playing with, Reda, and it is not correct to tell the Zamalek players that they missed a 6-1 match. ”

Reda Sika had launched a fierce attack on Mustafa Mohamed and said: “Bilal played the season of Ma’alash Hajj and Jay resides Mustafa Mohamed … the one who gave Bilal lives, Mustafa Mohamed, who does not play football, is the one who gave Mohamed Fadl, chooses Badri to train the national team, and he does not play football and controls the matters of Egyptian football.” .


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