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11:34 am Friday 24 January 2020

Former Ismaili star: Regional clubs Compars for Al-Ahly

Al-Ahly team

Osama Khalil Najm confirmed Ismaili Previously, the Premier League competition was decided for the club Al-Ahly, Pointing out that it is difficult to catch up with the Zamalek or Dervish team.

Khalil said during televised comments to “Time Sport” channel: “Al-Ahly will continue to be seated on the top of the league, with a big difference from the points of its competitors as long as it continues to obtain the services of regional club players, especially Ismaili players.”

The former Dervish superstar added: “The provincial clubs have turned into a club for Al Ahly, it is they who create the stardom of the players and show them on the soccer field, then these players move to the ranks of the red team and reap the championships with it.”

He pointed out: “Al-Ahly club is the most benefiting from the chaos that Egyptian football is experiencing in light of the clubs’ failure to comply with the regulations for negotiating with the players, as they are negotiating with other club stars at times other than the legal times.”

Al-Ahly is at the top of the league table ranking with 36 points, while Zamalek is fourth with 26 points, while Ismaili is in tenth place with 18 points.


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