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12:11 PM | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Because of the Zamalek negotiations .. Al-Ahly doubles Saleh Jumah's sentence

Saleh Juma Al-Ahly player

A source inside Al-Ahly Club revealed that Syed Abdul Hafeez, the ball director Al-AhlyHe decided to double the penalty on Saleh Jumah for his absence from the team’s collective training, to become 50 thousand pounds for each absence day instead of 10 thousand pounds, in order to resolve the player’s position in January of departure.

The source asserted in his statements to Al-Watan Sport that the club’s football manager’s position came after he learned of a negotiation session that the player had with some of Zamalek’s officials to leave the end of the season after breaking his contract with Al-Ahly, and he rejected all January offers in the hope that he would not be registered or removed from the list in end of the season.

The first football team in Al-Ahly Club will resume its training at eleven o’clock today, Wednesday, in preparation to face the Tunisian coastal star in the fifth round of the group stage in the African Champions League, which is scheduled for the ninth of next Sunday evening at Al-Salam stadium, after the negative rest obtained by the players for 48 hours After beating Arab Contractors in the last round of the Premier League competition.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly will host the Tunisian coastal star at Al-Salam stadium in the fifth round of group stage matches in the African Champions League, at nine in the evening of Sunday.


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