Here you invest your money in 2020


Source: Davos – Alaa Al-Menshawi

Although the United States of America and China signed the first phase trade agreement, the uncertainty about the performance of the global economy affecting the destination of investments has not yet ended.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the performance of the global economy in 2020, HSBC’s global banking and markets chief executive, Samir Assaf, is optimistic about the economic performance this year.

“Certainly the stock markets,” Assaf told Al, in exclusive statements on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in response to a question about the best destination for investments in 2020.

Assaf did not specify any of the global or regional financial markets, but he assured Al-Arabiya that it comes first.

Second, according to Assaf, the bonds are the second favorite.

Assaf touched on investments in the Middle East, and said, “Egypt is among the preferred investment destinations.”

“For nearly 4 years, I have said that Egypt is an attractive investment destination.”

On the expectations of the trade war and the relationship between the United States and China, Assaf said, “The agreement between Washington and Beijing was important for the two parties. They have an interest and a will for the union.

Moreover, Assaf indicated that the Chinese economy will definitely benefit from the agreement, in addition to the positive impact on the American economy, as well as the global economy.

Regarding Brexit, Assaf said that the worst is behind us, but this is not the final solution, as there is no exit without an agreement, and we have 11 months to agree on Britain’s exit mechanism from the European Union.


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