Heavy human and material losses to the Houthis in Sanaa


Source: Arabic.Net – Osan Salem

For more than a week, the Houthi militias have suffered heavy human and material losses on the eastern Nahham fronts The capital, Sanaa, Where hundreds of its members, field leaders and supervisors were killed and wounded until Sanaa and its surrounding hospitals were unable to absorb the dead bodies and the injured, so they distributed them to other governorates’ hospitals.

The Media Center of the Yemeni Armed Forces published, on Saturday evening, a portion of the human and material losses incurred by the revolutionaries during the battles there and the Yemeni army is fighting, with the support of the Alliance to Support Legitimacy.

Local media also monitored the arrival of more than 154 dead bodies of the Houthi dead at government hospitals, Al-Thawra and Kuwait’s government hospitals in Sanaa, while 50 of its members were killed in Dhamar, central Yemen, within three days.

To that, the media quoted medical sources as saying that the military hospital in Sanaa received, on Friday, 74 bodies of militia members, while the General Hospital received 59 bodies, in addition to 21 other bodies received by Kuwait Hospital. The sources pointed out that all the bodies were presented from the fronts of Naham, Al-Jawf and Sarwah.

Fierce battles

The coups were common, on Friday, the Houthi supervisor in the Sana’a District of People, Abu Ali al-Sarraji, who was killed in the Nahham front.

In the city of Dhamar, the funeral of the militias was observed, the bodies of 50 of its members, including two leaders, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Media Center of the Armed Forces had reported, earlier, that the National Army, backed by the coalition, was waging fierce battles against the coup militias along the Naham front, affirming that the army was advancing, collapsing, and causing heavy casualties and equipment to the Houthis.


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