He refused to cooperate with them. The Houthis executed a tribal sheikh in Yemen


Source: Arabic.Net – Osan Salem

On Saturday, the Houthi coup militia executed a tribal sheikh in Ibb governorate, central Yemen, for refusing to cooperate with the militias for military purposes.

Local news websites quoted sources that it described as “identical” that the Houthi militia demanded that tribal Sheikh Abdo Muhammad Al-Wael, who hails from Al-Nadira district in Ibb governorate, provide them with money and personnel to fight, but he refused.

According to the sources, the militia executed Al-Wail after realizing that the attempts were unsuccessful with him, and he is one of the hundreds who were executed by the same Houthi method during the last period.

In a tweet on its Twitter page, Human Rights Radar condemned “the Houthi group’s execution of Sheikh Abdo al-Wail in the Nadra area in the Ibb governorate, central Yemen, after he refused to cooperate with them in supplying the fronts with money and fighters.”

Houthi militias have recently suffered, on more than one combat axis, heavy losses at the hands of the legitimate forces, with the backing of the Alliance to Support Legitimacy, which prompted them to search for alternatives to compensate for the bleeding that has strained them on the frontlines.


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