He forced her to gain weight .. The reason Rihanna separated from Hassan Jameel after three years


The famous American blog, “Chalon Lester”, revealed the reason behind the international superstar “Rihanna” overweight in recent months, confirming that her former lover, Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, who was recently separated from him, was forcing her to eat fat food in order to become “fat”, and he was leaving her meals My favorite intentionally at the yacht and the plane, according to the agency (toss) on popularsuperstars.The American blogger confirmed that sources told her that one of the reasons behind Rihanna’s gaining great weight was that Hassan was “feeding her by force”, with the aim of controlling the life of the global star, so that the latter would feel unattractive, and therefore would not go out into public places.

This comes after Us Weekly published pictures of Rihanna, appearing alongside American rapper Asab Rocky, as they roam the city of games in New York, days after she separated from her Saudi boyfriend after a 3-year relationship.

Rihanna broke up with the Saudi billionaire while neither of them disclosed the reason for their separation, according to a US Weekly report, and in one of the few times that Rihanna spoke of Hassan, she said that she “of course” loves him, but she did not say that she was planning to marry or anything soon. As for her desire to marry, she said in comments to the American magazine Interview: “Knowledge is for God only.”

The American Cosmopolitan magazine has quoted sources close to the two as saying: “They understand each other very well and there is harmony between their two characters … and they are both completely different, but this is in their interest.”

Rihanna’s appearance with rapper Asab Rocky comes to deny what has been circulated in the past days about the possibility of her return to her former lover Canadian international singer Drake, after she was keen to attend his birthday party last October, and then raised questions about the possibility of water returning to its sewers between them.

It is worth noting that Drake and Rihanna’s relationship did not end with problems or conflicts, and their relationship remained covered in friendliness and respect, even after the love relationship between them ended, but they are still friends, which Rihanna declared last year after their separation, where she said: “Maybe we are no longer friends but we are not Enemies, and our relationship will remain balanced; separation is our choice together, not an obligation on us. ”

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