Hassan Al-Raddad reveals the fact that he separated from Amy Samir Ghanem and finished his “Dream of My Life” within days


Detect the star Good guy The fact that he separated from his wife Amy Samir Ghanem, after rumors spread that there were differences with his wife Amy Samir Ghanem And that reached their separation.

Al-Raddad said during his meeting on the program «mbc trending»: «At the time of our marriage and until now many rumors appear, and the celebrities are always subjected to such rumors. He continued: «These rumors were not limited to separation only, but also rumors of pregnancy and the birth of a child, and from the large number of these false and false news I became not interested in them, despite what he spoke of personal harassment to me, where his friends call me to bless me for carrying Amy or even that Amy had a baby and we called her (kenzi), and her watch was surprised by the false news that caused me embarrassment and harassment, and thus I ignore it.

In a separate matter, the organizers of the film, Hassan Al-Raddad, settled on his final name, which is “My Life’s Dream,” after the initial name for him was “Spiritual Twin”, where he will remain for the Prophet 3 days and finish filming it for good.

Al-Raddad depicts the last scenes in his new movie, “My Life’s Dream”, in just 3 days, between October (east of Giza) and Maadi (east Cairo), where the work will be deposited permanently, after filming many of the first scenes in Paris, And then in October, and also in one of the studios and streets.

Aisha Bin Ahmed and Amina Khalil, along with a number of other artists, authored by Amani Al Tounsi and directed by Othman Abu Laban, are starring alongside the star, Hassan Al Raddad. Romantic comic frame.

It is noteworthy that the last films of Hassan Al-Raddad were the movie “Knot Al-Khawaja”, which was shown in the Sham Al-Naseem season in 2018. Participating in this championship were Al-Zahed, Majed Al-Masry, Bayoumi Fouad, Hassan Hosni, Mohamed Lotfy and Samia Trabelsi, written by Hisham Majid and Shekou, and produced by Ahmed Al-Sibki, directed by Peter Mimi. The film revolves around a poor and ambitious young man, who has a love story with the daughter of an influential businessman and a lot of money.

It is noteworthy that Hassan Al-Raddad presented the play “Locanda Al-Obash”, which was shown in the Riyadh season on December 4, which was co-starred by Majed Al-Masry, Maya Diab, Hamdi Al-Marghani, Hala Fakher, Badria Tolba, Saad Al-Sagheer and Engy Ali, Aws and Aws, and Hassan Abdel Fattah, authored by Mohamed Ezz, and directed by Ashraf Zaki.


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