Hassan Al-Raddad comments on the news of his separation from Amy Samir Ghanem … in the video


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  Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 06:05    </span>

Rumors and speculation about Hassan al-Raddad and Emmy Samir Ghanem’s relationship has returned again, the latest of which was the rumors of their secretly separation after the recent differences between them.

Hassan Al-Raddad reveals the truth about Amy Samir Ghanem’s pregnancy

Hassan Al-Raddad commented on the new rumors that affected his relationship with his wife, Amy Samir Ghanem, and said in an interview with the MBC Trend Program, that he was accustomed to such rumors by his marriage to Amy Samir Ghanem and he knew that these rumors and great interest comes because they are personalities Loveable.

Hassan Al-Raddad added that he was subjected to several types of rumors in the recent period, such as the pregnancy of his wife and the birth of a daughter named “Kenzi”. Their marriage and last year.

Hassan Al-Raddad comments on the news of his separation from his wife

Hassan Al-Raddad refused to reply to the news of his separation from Amy Samir Ghanem and said that he has ignored the incorrect news about him and does not deny it, and several rumors had been circulated about the relationship of Amy Samir Ghanem to her husband Hassan Al-Raddad in the recent period and about their differences, after they appeared together on several occasions, Whereas, they last appeared together in the Cairo Festival last November.

On the artistic side, the actress Amy Samir Ghanem continues her absence from the cinema and from working with her husband after her last roles in the series “Super Miro” last year, while Hassan Al-Raddad prepares to compete next month with his new movie, “A spiritual twin” with the actress Aisha bin Ahmed, after His participation at the end of last year in the Riyadh season in the play “Locanda bastards.”


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