Governorates news in Yemen – within two days … a second death with dengue fever in Lahj


Brother Mazen Elewah, the supervisor of the health unit in the village of Haran Dayan, said that the student Hassouna Muammar Hassan … the age of 11 years. She had a fever and performed tests at the health unit in Bahran Dayan. The results of the tests were good and she recorded the necessary treatments, but her condition became disillusioned and she was transferred to the Sinai clinic and they performed tests that confirmed that she had dengue fever. After two days of treatment, her condition became worse and she was treated again last Thursday morning to a clinic that developed Sinai and she passed away there. Brother Elewa added, “Today, we came down with the response team consisting of a doctor, a laboratory, a surveillance coordinator, a technician, a technician, and an education officer in the Department of Health and Population, a district of adoption for the family of the deceased to provide the duty of consolation and knowledge of the cause of death. Immediately make them aware of the seriousness of these hotbeds and how to prevent and get rid of them .. As it was preliminary that there is another case of family members, a sister of the deceased whose name is Najat Muammar 18 years old, who may be infected and have been provided with the necessary treatments.

On the same level, the mother of the child Khaled Fadl, Abd al-Rab, who has autism, died on Friday evening after suffering from dengue fever while she lives in the area of ​​Sabr, leaving behind four girls and a son who is the oldest 12 years old with autism.

An invitation we send to the good people to help the family of the deceased Hassouna .. We also send a loud voice to the competent authorities to work to descend health teams and mist mist for all the readers as in the capital Al-Houta .. and spread health awareness, whether through direct meetings with citizens or coordination with the education office in the governorate to go to schools.


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