Google Search Results Update provides a seamless experience in revealing previous search addresses


This topic was written by Sultan Al-Qahtani – Google has released a new update to Google search results, which brings new improvements in the disclosure of previous topics that were searched for through a series experience through the groups feature.

Users can now reveal previous topics that were searched for in Google search results with a smooth and fast experience through Google’s new update of search results, through the Collections feature that collects search results for a specific topic in an integrated set.

The search results have been updated with Collections to support the user with a set of proposals related to the subject of the research, while supporting the sharing of these groups.


The proposed groups feature will come in the search results that are based on the technology of artificial intelligence, and works to collect similar pages that the user visited earlier, including a group of shopping pages for example, and updating the search results also saves these combined pages to support the user with an experience Seamless access to these pages later.

The update also comes with the feature of searching for specific content in the groups that have been saved, through the “Find More” button, which will automatically determine the page for the content.

The user can also share group pages with friends, and others will also have access to add and search for specific content and ideas in the group that was created, and the Collections feature will be available to users during this week, provided that they are only available in English initially, and Google supports more Languages ​​later.



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