“Google” develops the digital gaming platform “Steam” for “Chromebook” computers


The US company Google, the Internet search giant, is developing support for the Steam game platform on Chromebooks.

Kan Liu, director of product management for Chrome OS, said in an interview with the Android Police website, that Google is currently working on enabling Chromebook computers to run the Steam game platform developed by the company Valph, with the help of her.

Liu gave no timeframe for when Steam support would arrive on Chromebook computers.

It is noteworthy that “Google” focused a few years ago on expanding the capabilities of its operating system “Chrome OS”, to support the operation of the original applications of the “Android” system on Chromebook laptops, so that it is not fully supported on the web.

The addition of the Steam platform support is an additional step that opens the door to the operation of Chromebooks for the hundreds of games that provide support for the Linux operating system, the system that is based on the Chrome OS system.

In his interview, Liu pointed out that there are more powerful Chromebook computers on the way, especially those that will rely on AMD’s processor chips.

It is worth noting that Google is already developing the Stadia platform, which is a new video game broadcasting service that does not require strong local hardware.

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