Golden tips and advice for cleaning iPhone and Android phones


The German technology portal revealed “Mobil Zisher. D », some tips and instructions for cleaning the smartphone and checking the app permissions, and for cleaning smartphones equipped with the Google Android operating system, the user can through the” Settings / Apps / All Apps “menu items remove the applications, which they did not It is used in 2019, as this saves memory space and maintains battery charge, and for applications that cannot be uninstalled it can be disabled at least.

According to the specialized portal, the user must verify the application’s permissions, and fear should not leak to the user with every query from the device, even if the applications claim that they are in urgent need of these permissions, and the German portal indicated that it is better not to change the permissions of Google Play Store or Google Play «Services» as well as the application «Android System Webview», but with the rest of the applications it is necessary to check the permissions granted to them.

The portal recommends, according to German news agency, to “install a secure browser for data on Android phones such as Mozilla Firefox or Firefox -Focus- short and secure, and at first the user should configure the browser properly, including installing useful additional tools such as -Blocker Ublock Origin Or Cookie AutoDelete – which initially allows cookies to be set, for websites to run smoothly, then remove them instantly after that, and additional tools can be found under -Add-ons- in the browser’s menu bar.

Regarding iOS applications and checking permissions, all applications are usually listed in the settings menu, and here the same rule applies. The user must remove the applications, which were not used during 2019, and application permissions can be checked in the settings menu as well. All permissions must be withdrawn if they appear to be unreasonable or have not been used for a long time, or if they have never been needed, such as access to the site.

The Safari browser is the default browser program for the iPhone and other mobile devices from Apple, and through the Firefox “Focus” tracking function, the browser’s functions can be improved. To use this function, the user must download the “Focus” application from the application store, and then open Browser and integrate this functionality with it, and after that you must open the device settings menu, go to «Safari / Content Blockers / Activate Focus» in addition to that the Safari browser must be properly configured.


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