Global health talks about Corona .. and mobilization at the airports


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The World Health Organization has announced the extension of the emergency talks on the Corona virus. On Tuesday, in a message posted on social media, the organization stated that the Director-General of the United Nations Health Agency, Tedros Adhanum Gebresus, would convene an emergency committee on Corona virus under the International Health Regulations, “with the aim of verifying” whether the outbreak was an exciting public health emergency Of concern internationally, and what recommendations should be made to manage it. ”

Rose The death toll from a new strain of the Coronavirus in China rose to 17 on Wednesday, More than 571 people were confirmed to have been infected, raising fears of suspected infection caused by illegal wildlife trade.

Malaysia is preparing to confront the virus
Malaysia is preparing to confront the virus

The flu virus, like the Corona virus that was previously unknown, has appeared in an animal market in downtown Wuhan and is now monitoring cases far away from the United States.

Chinese New Year

“Based on current information, it appears that animals are the main potential source of the outbreak, with limited transmission from one person to another between close contacts,” WHO spokesman Tariq Yasarevich said at a press conference in Geneva on Tuesday. To cause mild to severe illness and lead to death in some cases. ”

On Saturday, hundreds of millions of people will cross China as they travel to celebrate the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, complicating efforts to contain the virus, he noted.

Precautions at airports
Precautions at airports

Contrary to the secrecy surrounding the spread of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002 and 2003 that killed about 800 people, this time the Chinese Communist government regularly updates information in an attempt to prevent panic spreading among millions of travelers to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

“It is clear that the increased population movement has increased the risk of a pandemic,” said the deputy head of the National Health Commission.

I rushed to buy masks

After officials appealed to people to remain calm, many Chinese canceled their trips, bought protective masks and avoided going out to public places such as cinemas and shopping malls. They even resorted to a computer game to simulate the virus and watched films about the spread of epidemics such as the “flu”.

“The best way to eliminate fear is to counteract it,” said a commentator on China’s Twitter website Weibo.

The virus appeared in Wuhan, in Hubei Province, in central China, and spread to other cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Macau and Hong Kong. It also extended to the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

A press conference in America about the virus
A press conference in America about the virus

US President Donald Trump said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had a good plan to contain the disease. “I think he will be dealt with very well,” Trump said in Davos, Switzerland.

Mobilization at airports

He told me from the National Health Commission that the virus that can cause pneumonia and that it does not have an effective serum is spread by breathing and from
Symptoms include fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

Airports in the world have intensified examination of arrivals from China. Russia said it has strengthened inspection and quarantine procedures, while Britain has said it will start to increase examination of people from Wuhan and Singapore, and examine all arrivals from China.

Media reported that the first case of the virus appeared in Hong Kong on Wednesday, and the patient arrived by express train from the mainland.

Mexico is examining a patient. North Korea banned the entry of foreign tourists from Wednesday due to the virus.


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