Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20? A license for Samsung officially confirms the name


A license obtained by Samsung from Thailand revealed the official name of the next generation of its Galaxy S series smartphones, which are expected to be launched next February.

It was believed months ago that the next generation of phones would carry the name (Galaxy S11) Galaxy S11 in continuation of the current names, but a while ago leaks emerged that talked about Samsung will stop issuing serial numbers by ones, to start using the dozens pattern, after (Galaxy S10) Which was launched last year, this year will carry the name (Galaxy S20) Galaxy S20.

Indeed, the license obtained by Samsung from the Thai NBTC organization confirmed that it will release the name (Galaxy S20) on the upcoming phones, as the company obtained a license for two phones bearing the code name SM-G980F / DS, and SM-G985F / DS, which are: (Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20 Plus.

The symbolic names of the two phones are in line with the previous flagship phones from Sasong. Whereas, the letters DS indicate support for dual SIM cards.

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Remarkably, in the license obtained by Samsung from Thailand that the phones were named Galavy, which is believed to be a mistake in writing. The license did not reveal the specifications of the two phones, but they are expected to provide a hole-screen for the front camera, and support a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Samsung is expected to officially announce the Galaxy S20 phones during its event scheduled for February 11 in the United States.

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