French player makes strange request to a girl in the Australian Open



French player makes strange request to a girl in the Australian Open

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French tennis player Elliot Bennchert aroused a sensation over his behavior with one of the girls during the confrontation that took place today, in Kazakh Dmitry Popko, in the qualifying round for the Australian Open.

Benchert received during the break the energy-enhancing snack, but he made an unexpected request to a girl who was charged with collecting balls, as he asked her to peel him a banana, which aroused the fans’ discontent, especially after the girl seemed confused and embarrassed and she was interested in meeting the French player’s request .

Soon, however, the referee entered the game, to remedy the situation, as he asked Benchert to peel the banana fruit himself, but the latter argued that he was unable to do so, because of the plasters on his fingers.

However, the referee insisted that the player perform the operation himself, which the French had reluctantly responded to, taking the banana from the girl, and trying to peel it with his teeth.

The match ended with a victory for Benchert two sets for one 4-6, 6-2, and 6-3, to set a date in the first round of the Australian Open, with Greek Yoshi Sugita.



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