For the first time in history … a woman ascends the presidency of Greece


Source: – Agencies

By an overwhelming majority, the Greek parliament elected Supreme Court Judge Katrina Sacilaropoulou, 64, as the country’s president, becoming the first woman to reach office in this country in history.

According to Speaker of Parliament Kostas Tassoulas, Sakilaropoulou, head of the Council of State, the highest administrative court in Greece, is to take over the presidency, succeeding Prokopis Pavlopoulos, whose five-year term ends in March.

On Wednesday, the 300-seat lawmakers voted by 261 to 33 to grant Sakyaropoulou, a largely ceremonial position, in a society whose women have a limited history of high political office.

Greek Parliament
Greek Parliament
Openness to the future

The conservative prime minister declared that Sakyaropoulou is the candidate of “unity” and “progress”, and he chose her for this position because she is far from the traditional partisan divisions in the country.

“The time has come for Greece to open up to the future,” added the prime minister, who was criticized as soon as he took office due to the appointment of only two women to two cabinet posts in his government.

“We do not hide the reality,” he said. “Greek society continues to witness discrimination against women,” but “this is changing from now on, beginning with the top of the pyramid of power.”

Female penetration

Sakylaropoulou made a major breakthrough in taking on top positions when she became the first woman to head the country’s highest court in October 2018, with the nomination of former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Immediately after her nomination on January 15th during a televised speech by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the candidate won unanimity in a society that is largely male and does not reach the level of other European countries in the area of ​​equality between women and men.

Sakilaropolo does not belong to any political party and is an advocate of improving women’s rights, she is divorced and has a son.

Sacilaropolo in brief:

– The first woman to reach the Greek presidency.

She assumed the presidency of the Supreme Court.

She lives in Athens and is 63 years old.

– Divorced and has a son.

Do not belong to any political party.

Advocate for the improvement of women’s rights.

– active on networking sites.

He headed an association on environmental law.


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