Find the oldest asteroid hole on Earth!


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The oldest asteroid crater found on Earth! Today, Thursday, January 23, 2020 11:31 am

Researchers have identified a crater in Yarubaoba, Western Australia, as the oldest known site of external influence on Earth, and found that the natural composition dates back to 2.229 billion years.

The research team from the Australian University of Curtin tested the minerals in the rocks, where the zircon and manazette crystals contain trace amounts of uranium, and by measuring uranium dissolution, at a very specific time to lead, the team was able to calculate the exact age of the hole.

Find the oldest asteroid hole on Earth!

Find the oldest asteroid hole on Earth!


The hole, with a diameter of 70 km, was discovered in remote areas in 1979, where researchers map the region’s magnetic field, to determine the exact extent of the structure that the weather follows. And the latest metallic analysis means that the site is at least 200 million years old, one of the oldest alien space impact, the Vredefort Dome in South Africa.

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The effect was so strong that it may have removed our planet from one of the “snow globe” periods, before the event.

“The age of the pit perfectly coincides with the end of a possible global ice age,” said Christopher Kirkland, chief researcher. So the impact could have major changes in our planetary climate. ”

According to the team, the space rock hit an icy layer of kilometers thick, released massive amounts of water vapor into the atmosphere and caused the planet to warm during the Proterozoic era, long before the complex life of the planet was formed.

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