Find out the price and specifications of the new iPhone


A case of great passion struck fans of the luxury American Apple brand, after leaking almost certain information from within the company about the approach of offering the cheapest iPhone, which is likely to bear the name iphone 9Where it will be offered less than 400 US dollars.

Specifications of the new iPhone

Will come IPhone The upcoming 4.7-inch screen with the famous main button, which is a new step where preserving the shape of the famous Apple phone, especially the iconic button that has been distinguished since 2007 when it first appeared, in addition to a 4.7-inch IPS screen.

The price of the new iPhone

Perhaps the most prominent feature in a phonebut The cheapest price is the tempting price of 399 USD, which equals 6300 Egyptian pounds only, a number that lovers are not used to. Iphone In the world it was before.

Features The new iPhone

It will provide an unprecedented performance due to its possession of Maalek Apple is the strongest and most current A13, and it will be released in two versions with internal storage capacities 64 and 128 GB, instead of small storage capacities.

Disadvantages of the new iPhone

One of the major flaws in the phone is that it does not have a feature Face ID as rumored before, and it also comes with the same size as the iPhone 8 screen, which means that the design may be very similar despite the fact that several years have passed since its appearance, and the screen will not have an advantage Without advantage 3D Touch.


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