Finally … WhatsApp introduces the Dark Mode feature


Finally ... WhatsApp introduces the Dark Mode feature

Wed, 22 Jan 2020 18:31

I wrote – Mennat Allah Jamal:

Many leaks spread about the launch of the instant messaging app What’s Up Dark mode feature Officially, this is already available to users.

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WhatsApp calls the dark mode Dark It is located in the selection interface, and you will find a profile with a dark green color on the user interface, as well as some other colors.

Dark mode is only available for trial only, and no company has declared What’s Up When the feature will be released to the official version.

After selecting the dark mode, the main screen and settings menu will become dark color, while the chat interface, the chat bubbles will be dark, the background is white or another color of the user’s choice.

Dark Mode feature aims to reduce screen brightness, ease of handling messages in low-light conditions, and reduce drain the battery.

Owned WhatsApp hinted at Facebook Last March, what the dark mode looks like and what it will look like, like Instagram and Messenger, it got the dark look on Android.

WhatsApp feature tracking site WABetaInfo said that the app has provided a test update on store Google Play The demo includes the new dark mode, you can go to application settings, click chats, and select the Dark option.


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