FilGoal | News | The King of Spain Cup – Ibiza (1) Barcelona (2) ended the match

64 provides you direct coverage of the Ibiza and Barcelona match, in the 32nd round of the King’s Cup.

To follow the game directly from Here

To watch the match directly from here

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end of the match

S. 96 Goowowall fought for Barcelona by Antoine Griezmann

S 72: Gowool Griezmann score a draw for Barcelona

S. 59 Barcelona first substitution with Jordi Alba instead of Carles Perez.

beginning of the second half

The end of the first half

S. 40 A very dangerous attack for the Ibiza team and a shot by Ray Nascimento Oliveira, from the right of the penalty area, responded from the right post, to find Francisco Grima, who was aiming for a powerful ball, netto cleared from the top of his net.

S. 16 passage from Griezmann on the right, followed by a cross pass into the penalty area, but Ibiza’s defense drove it away from the dangerous areas.

S. 9 Goowowall first for Ibiza by Pablo Alvaro. A cross from the left was met by Javier Perez Matteo, with a shot from the middle of the penalty area, which was shown to the left of Neto.

The beginning of the game


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