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The winds of change blew in the heart of Barcelona, ​​and the first appearance of Kiki City with Barcelona was strange. Yes, the performance kidnapped the heart of the fans of the team who were eager to restore the traditions of its distinctive style of play, but the result ended 1-0 against Granada on Sunday.

The only winds in the stadium were not those of change, but there were other real winds of 50 mph that created conditions and factors that made the game difficult on both sides, the corners and goalposts were delayed until the ball was put back in its rightful position and other things that caused the game to crash like The bulletin board that entered the stadium of the air force.

Michael Cox, a famous football analyst, wrote an article on the site “Who’s yours?” tells you about the first appearance of Barcelona in the Citin era, and all of the following is Cox’s article.

Barcelona fully complied with those conditions, 1005 passes are the most in the Spanish league this season, and the acquisition of 82.6% is the third highest statistic recorded for Opta since the beginning of his registration in the statistics in 2005-2006, Pep Guardiola is ranked first and second in 2011 with the Catalan battalion, with my percentage 84% and 83.9%.

Sergio Busquets completed more passes than the entire Granada team, the team that did not decide (to park the bus) in front of its goal in Camp Nou, but rather tried and followed the style of pressure that led them to win 2-0 in the first round. But Barcelona’s commitment to the short pass system was a complete and classic system that benefited the team.

Every major European team currently has a complete conviction that its club has a certain identity and a history commitment to play in a certain form of football, but this situation is more true in Barcelona than any other team. The decision to dismiss Ernesto Valverde during the past week was traditionally incredible, given that He won the league two years in a row and was in the middle of the team to win a third title this season.

There were very embarrassing moments of collapse for Barcelona in the Champions League against Rome and Liverpool, but the main driver was turning Barcelona away from their construction method and very patient, and complete possession of the ball, towards a more realistic and less attractive playing style.

It was not as if Barcelona did not attack, because he scored 13 goals more than the rest of the entire Spanish league, but it was because Barcelona was not attacking in the right way, once and for all Valverde’s departure was not a surprise, the only shock that the matter required a loss in the semi-finals Hispanic in Saudi Arabia, so that it becomes clear.

In the era of (this person knows the club well and should coach him), Barcelona first went to Xavi, who was all seen as going to be the second coach who completes the career of Renos Mitchell, Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola, each of them played earlier with a coach who preceded him The relay, but Xavi reversed them, lacked training experience outside Qatar, and wisely chose to refuse the mission.

Mauricio Pochettino’s position was not clear due to his being a former player in Espanyol, which made Citin the best choice, but like Xavi who believes in Barcelona, ​​the club does not know but he always tried to prove his understanding of how the team played.

Citicin never played for Barcelona, ​​but he once scored a great goal in a header in the victory of Racing Santander 5-0 against Barcelona in the days of Johan Cruyff, after training in more than one degree and providing a great performance with Logo and Las Palmas came Real Betis experience between 2017 and 2019, did not make The team performs at an extraordinary level compared to their budget, but it has played in the most advanced way and has followed the style in the Spanish league, smart moves and smart players such as Sergio Canales, Joaquin and Giovanni Lu Celso.

Last November, when Betis confronted Barcelona, ​​Sergio Busquets sent a T-shirt to Citin that read: “To Kiki, with appreciation and admiration for the way football is playing.”

Betis made an impressive level in that match and won 4-3 against Barcelona.

Match analysis

From the start with Barcelona, ​​Cettin played the traditional 4-3-3 in Barcelona, ​​but became like a 3-man defense line when the team took possession of the ball, Sergei Roberto returned as a third defender with Gerard Pique and Samuel Umtiti, which allowed Jordi Alba to play as a left winger in While Onso Fati existed as it is right wing.

Antoine Griezmann played as a left striker while Messi played as a dummy striker very effectively, a role he had never played this season. Those areas

The midfield squad was more like a routine, Busquets was behind Ivan Rakitic, who was very calm in the match, and Arturo Vidal who did well in the attack.

Also, one of the notable things was the wonderful reverse pressure of Barcelona against Granada, something that had completely disappeared in Valverde State, and again, both Griezmann and Messi were very important factors at that point, Messi was presenting wonderful moments whenever he lost the ball, retrieved it and then passed it from among Introduce the opponent while he is lying on the ground, before making a mistake and winning for his team in a dangerous area.

Barcelona was struggling to create direct opportunities threatening the Granada goal, far from Messi providing something wonderful individual, Fati’s moves from the party to the depth were very smart, but Griezmann ran directly too much, and it seemed clear that he was completely cut off from the team’s playing style and moves.

Granada almost came close to hijacking the progress when Jan Itke fired the ball up the post, but then Sanchez was sent off after a second booking for a powerful intervention against Messi, to prepare Granada for a very powerful 20 minutes.

Barcelona’s goal came in the 76th minute, through their best move in the match, explaining the value of Messi when he played as an imaginary striker, received the ball 25 yards away, then passed to Griezmann and continued running, to return Griezmann in a wonderful way to Vidal, who controlled the ball and passed his foot On Messi Road, which comfortably housed the net of the guests, this was Messi as player number 10 and then 9 began to move and then ended the attack, Granada was never able to score a draw.

After the match, Kiki Sitten said: “Maybe we lacked accuracy in the first half, we had some chances, but Granada defended well with a large number of players in the rear, there was a lot of wind and the stadium was dry and it cost us a little while we were spinning the ball between us, We did a lot of good things. ”

“I hope now that we gain flexibility and accuracy in front of the goal, it is not easy when teams stand and defend in the back a lot, but we must search for alternative ways to cause harm to the opponent’s defense and goal.”

Those words come directly from Josep Guardiola.

Away from Barcelona’s goal, the biggest cheering for the fans of the team came while introducing Ricky Puig, the young midfielder who was waiting for a big future and was ignored by Valverde.

This reception of his moves and his participation was an easy victory for Steen, Bouygues possessing a fast forward like Andrés Iniesta, I found a great welcome after Rakitic did not shine in any way.

The midfield is the place that needs to be greatly developed in Barcelona, ​​perhaps with the return of Frenke de Jong there will be more appreciation for appointing Citin as the team’s coach.

Far from talking about the style as well, Citin needs to succeed as well, Barcelona is currently at the top with Real Madrid, anything other than success in winning the league title in the first half of his season will be considered as a failure, currently that was tantamount to announcing the return of the traditional Barcelona style, and Messi’s return to the role The imaginary striker, and this remains his most dangerous center and nothing more.


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