FilGoal | News | Rabia conference: Al-Ahly metal appears in difficult times … and we are waiting for our fans in front of the star


Al-Ahly defender Rami Rabiaa sees the true team’s metal appearing in difficult times.

Al-Ahly will host the coastal star tomorrow night at Al-Salam Stadium, as part of the fifth round matches of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Rami Rabiaa said in statements during the press conference of the meeting: “We live in a state of intense focus in order to achieve the desired goal by scoring the three points in tomorrow’s game against the coastal star.”

He added, “Everyone within the team appreciates the difficulty of the situation, after the group complicated the Sudanese Hilal victory today on Platinum, but we are able to get out of this position with our feet.”

Rabia followed, “Al-Ahly’s metal players always appear in difficult situations, and Al-Ahly fans are well aware of this, and then we will fight for victory tomorrow, and we will be at the heart of one man to harvest the three points.”

Al-Ahly defender continued, “The technical staff deals more psychologically with the players, and the preparations for the match are very well done, as is the case with all matches, especially since there is a system that we are going through in all matches, and we have a strong focus to achieve our goal in tomorrow’s match.”

“We only think about facing tomorrow in front of the Tunisian coastal star, and we await our great fans for our support and assistance in facing the important tomorrow in the African journey,” he concluded.

Al-Ahly needs to score at least 3 points to reach the CAF Champions League quarter-finals. (Learn all the scenarios of Al Ahly qualification)

Al-Ahly occupies third place in its group with 7 points behind the coastal star duo (9 points) and Al-Hilal Sudanese (9 points).

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