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Mohamed Abdel Salam – Ahmed Hossam “Mido” – Clearing Egypt

The Egypt Clearinghouse Board of Directors headed by Mohamed Abdel Salam decided to thank Ahmed Hossam Mido, technical team manager for the team Ali, in which he took the technical leadership.

He described the clearing Mido period as an unusual misfortune, despite great effort with the team.

The Board of Directors of the Egypt Clearinghouse expressed its wish for success in MEDO in its next steps as one of the distinguished young technical managers.

The clearing board decided to assign Jamal Omar to the duties of the team’s technical director during the current period.

And it was He learned from a source inside the clearing that Mido had left after agreeing that he would receive the value of the penalty clause. (from here)

And clearing occupies the fifteenth place with 11 points from 14 games and is struggling to drop equally with the teams of Vanguard of the Army and Egypt Club, who are sixteenth and seventeenth.

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