FilGoal | News | Klopp: Salah’s goal in United? Get on his bike and go


Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool coach, likened the start of our Egyptian star Mohamed Salah in his goal ball against Manchester United, riding a bike and starting at full speed.

Salah scored the second goal in United after a great start, and was made by Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Baker, who played the ball quickly for the Egyptian star in the last moments of the match, which ended in a 2-0 victory.

“Salah was on the edge of our penalty area when the corner kick was played for Manchester United,” Klopp said in remarks to the press conference leading up to Wolverhampton.

“In this situation, Salah does not fear falling into the offside trap, so he rode his bike and set off when Alison passed the ball to him.”

“They know each other for a longer period than we know them, they played together with Rome.”

He admired the celebration of the goal by saying, “It was a wonderful celebration, Alison was the first to reach Salah.”

“He was the target in the last moments of the meeting, and some people thought it was very difficult to run there, but he had all the strength to do it,” he said.

Salah finally ended his contract against Manchester United by scoring this goal, as he was unable to score in the net during four previous confrontations.

Liverpool, who lead the league 13 points behind their nearest Manchester City stalkers with a postponed match, are preparing to meet Wolverhampton on Thursday in the 24th Premier League round.

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