FilGoal | News | Guardiola criticizes the large number of matches in England: In Germany and Spain they enjoy more and protect players


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola criticized the English clubs’ playing many matches, which makes them vulnerable to injury, noting that the fans ’fun of football will not diminish if the number of meetings decreases.

“I think the solution is to make the year 400 days, this is a solution, 400 or 500, more or less. Then maybe the two European federations And the international talk about increasing matches. “

Guardiola, 49, who believes that the English League Cup will continue to be wonderful even if the Premier League clubs do not participate in it, continued, saying: “Less games, fewer tournaments, fewer teams, higher quality, less quantity. People will enjoy. People will go to the theater, For cinema, for restaurants, to see fireworks. “

“There are fewer games (in Germany and Spain), less than here, in the German league there are 18 teams and not 20, one cup championship and not two. They have a pause, and in Spain as well, the cup championship is played from one game and not Two. So the difference is great. “

“It is up to the protection of the players, they will enjoy more this way, and the people too. People say they cannot live without football, they are able to live off the ball for a while. Frankly, the matches are too much,” the champion of all domestic competitions in England concluded last season.

England is distinguished from other European countries by the momentum of the matches, because there are many championships that do not stop during the Christmas period, as happens in Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

UEFA is considering changing the Champions League system, which will make the participating teams play more games.

City, champions, and championship leaders are 16 points away from leaders Liverpool.

On Tuesday, Guardiola’s men will be guests of Sheffield United.

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