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Mohamed Salah and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have faced 3 times before on English soil, but this time the African clash will be pure in order to win the card to qualify for the last stage of the World Cup 2022 qualifiers.

The draw for the qualifying groups, Egypt and Gabon, together, was the first clash between the two teams in the World Cup qualifiers.

In general, the two sides met only 3 times, and only one of them was an official match, and the Pharaohs won them.

How were the results of previous confrontations?

The first confrontation between the two teams was in the 1994 African Cup of Nations groups in Tunisia.

The Pharaohs won 4-0 with goals from Bashir Abdel Samad, “two goals”, Ayman Mansour and Hamza Al-Jamal.

Then the two teams met in January 2000 in preparation for the African Nations Cup, and the Pharaohs won 4-0 again.

Egypt’s Ahmed Salah Hosni, Hossam Hassan, Abdel Halim Ali and Abdel Zahir El Sakka scored for Egypt.

The last confrontation was in May 2004, and Egypt won two late goals for Hossam Hassan, and Abdel Halim Ali missed a penalty.

Salah VS Gabon

The Egypt U-23 team, led by Mohamed Salah, played against Gabon at the 2011 Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco.

The Pharaohs won Ahmed Magdi’s goal in the first clash in the group stage.

However, the Gabonese team gathered their strength after the first loss in the tournament and finally won the cup.

Egypt won the bronze medal to participate in the 2012 Olympics.

Poor history

Gabon has never participated in the World Cup.

The first continental appearance for Gabon was by taking part in the 1994 African Nations Cup in Tunisia.

Gabon fell in the same group with the Egypt national team, with them Nigeria.

The Pharaohs won 4-0 with the goals of Bashir Abdel Samad, Ayman Mansour and Hamza Al-Jamal, and Gabon bid farewell to the championship from the groups.

Gabon continued to appear in the African Cup of Nations, and made progress in the 1996 South African Championship and qualified for the quarter-finals before losing from Tunisia on penalties.

Then he returned to absent himself from the 1998 championship that the Pharaohs crowned before participating in the 2000 edition and bid farewell to it from the first round.

The Gabonese team missed again for ten years and appeared in the 2010 Angola championship, which crowned Egypt and deposited it from the first round, and the country hosted the 2012 championship in partnership with Equatorial Guinea and reached the quarter-finals, which he bid farewell to Mali by a penalty shootout.

The Gabonese team participated in the 2015 editions in Equatorial Guinea and 2017 in Gabon itself, and was bid farewell from the first round without leaving a fingerprint.

the coach

Frenchman Patrice Nouveau leads the Gabonese team, a name that is not foreign to the Egyptian League.

He led Novo by the Ismaili in 2007, then returned to Egypt from the Smouha Gate in 2010, but the success of the French old man in Egypt was not the same as his achievements with the African teams.

Novo’s departure from the Ismaili was after a major crisis, despite his good start with the dervishes, which began in February 2007, and saw good results, including a victory over Al-Ahly with the goal of Muhammad Fadl.

However, Ismaili decided to fire Novo after only 5 months after he was late to return from France, where he was granted permission to travel to undergo surgery on his foot, and appointed Taha Basri instead.

Novo rejected the decision and attended to lead the Ismaili training in the presence of Taha Basri, which caused a major crisis that ended in a fine for the Dervishes for the French coach.

His trip with Smouha in 2010 was not successful, as he left without any victories.

The start of the Nouveau Africa trip was with the Niger national team in 1999, but its fame started in 2006 when the Guinean national team participated under its leadership in the African Nations Cup.

Under Nouvo’s leadership, the Guinea national team achieved 3 impressive victories in its group over South Africa, Zambia and Tunisia before exiting Senegal in the quarter-finals, with a 3-2 loss.

Novo also led the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the period from 2008 to 2010, and in that time he lost twice from Egypt in the 2010 World Cup qualifying groups.

Nouveau also had other African experiences with the Guinean national team, Mauritania and Horia Conakry, before taking the lead in Gabon.

With Gabon, he beat Morocco 3-2 and tied the Democratic Republic of the Congo negatively before beating Angola 2-1 in the African Nations Cup 2021 qualifiers.

The most prominent players

There is certainly no more prominent than Arsenal’s star Pierre Aubameyang and Premier League scorer last season equally with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

Aubameyang is the best player in Africa in 2015, and he is the captain of the Gabonese team, with a historical goal of 25 goals.

Aubameyang recently returned to lead the Gabonese team after successive crises with the country’s Ministry of Sports in the wake of the failure to qualify for the 2019 African Nations Cup, where he considered his return the beginning of a new era for the Gabonese team.

Another name in the attack known to the Egyptian fans is Malik Evona, the former star of Al-Ahly.

Ivona is currently playing in Santa Clara, Portugal, and sat on the bench during the DRC and Angola matches.

A new name now emerging in the Angola attack is Aaron Popendza, a professional with Ferencese of Portugal, who is registered in Morocco and Angola.

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