FilGoal | News | Fakhruddin bin Yusef is at the top of the Ismaili list to face Al-Ittihad


Tunisian Fakhruddin bin Youssef, the new Ismaili striker, is on his team’s list to face Alexandria.

Ismaili will host Alexandria on Sunday in the second leg of the Arab Championship quarter-finals.

Ismaili enters the meeting with the preference of victory, going back to Alexandria with a goal for nothing.

Didier Gomez, the Ismaili coach, decided to include 21 players to face Al-Ittihad.

The Ismaili list witnessed the presence of the newcomer Fakhruddin bin Youssef, pending the completion of the registration procedures for the player on Saturday, to be available for participation.

Hammam Tariq also reappeared on the Ismaili list, after his vacation period.

Below is the full Ismaili list:

Goalkeeping: Mohamed Magdy – Mohamed Fawzy – Mahmoud Abdel Monsef.

Defense: Ahmed Ayman – Muhammad Hashem – Baher al-Muhammadi – Ibrahim Abu al-Yazid – Mahmoud al-Badri – Muhammad Magdi al-Jamal.

the middle: Imad Hamdi – Muhammad Makhlouf – Bikiti Silva – Mahmoud Dunga – Muhammad Sadiq – Abdul Rahman Magdi – Muhammad Bayoumi – Humam Tariq.

attack: Muhammad al-Shami – Shilongo – Fakhruddin bin Yusef – Wajih Abdul Hakim.

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