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Ashraf Ben Shrqy, the Zamalek player, was injured, keeping him from forming the team against Mazembe.

Bnshriqi went out of the formation of Zamalek due to an injury during a warm-up before the meeting of Mazembe, and Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” participated in his place, and Bnshriqi left the stadium in tears as he appeared in the cameras.

With this, Zizou will be easier to form the team, while Obama will play as a playmaker, and on the right side Mahmoud Abdel Razek will play “Shikabala”.

The formation of Zamalek after the departure of B, East, as follows:

Guard: Muhammad Abu Jabal.

Defense: Muhammad Abdul Shafi – Mahmoud Alaa – Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wensh” – Hazem Imam.

Center: Tariq Hamid – Ferjani Sassi.

Before them: Shikabala – Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” – Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”.

The attack: Mustafa Muhammad.

On the other hand, he will be on my bench, But it was not clear if the Moroccan star was ready to enter, even if only a small part of the meeting.

On the other hand, the bench of Zamalek replacements came as follows:

Guard: Muhammad Awad.

Defense: Mohamed Abdel-Ghani.

Center: Islam Jaber – Mohamed Hassan – Mohamed Onajem – Ashraf Bencharqi – Mostafa Fathi.

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